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Did you know that Albuquerque ANTS Tennis is the best way to have your child play the game of tennis?

We specialize in Kids Tennis, Junior Tennis, Tennis League, and Tennis Lessons.  Why all of the different terms you ask? Well, the short answer is all of those are different, and mean different things. If you searched for one of them, and found us, then you are in the right place!

Our Albuquerque Youth Tennis League is gearing up for our 2015 Albuquerque Fall Tennis League. Kids from all over the city are joining their locals parks tennis team for practices during the week and matches on the weekend. Just like your soccer league!

The season begins September 14th, and registration closes the 13th, so don't miss out!



We look forward to having you out on the courts!!

Albuquerque ANTS Tennis.

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