ABQ ANTS Tennis 

2016 Spring, Summer, Fall Albuquerque ANTS Youth Tennis League!

Just like youth soccer, baseball and basketball where your child can practice on a team with friends and play games against other city teams, ANTS Tennis offers this but for tennis!  This means you can sign your child up for a team to practice in your neighborhood and play matches against other teams across the city.  Playing in a league is a great way for children to practice tennis in a team environment, and play A LOT! 

Coming soon in summer of 2016...

ANTS Kids Club & ANTS Lessons!

ANTS offers lessons to all abilities and connects you to local, talented, fun coaches. The ANTS methodology and philosophy of "help them fall in the love with game first, so success naturally comes later" runs in all of these coaches. Click to see a list of coaches and their biographies to see if you any of them work for you. Locations and times are all decided upon between you and your coach.

After-School Programs!

Bring an ANTS Tennis Program to your child's school or enroll you child to play ANTS Tennis at an already existing program!  With ANTS Tennis After-School programs, we make tennis accessible to children right at school!  No need to have existing tennis courts, we bring everything to your child's school yard!  Would you like to bring ANTS to your child's school? Click Here! 

Albuquerque ANTS Tennis Academy & Neighborhood Camps!

Our ANTS Tennis Academy and Neighborhood Camps throughout the year focus on the tennis specific development of your child.  Whether your child is a beginner and needs guidance in the ABC's (Ability, Balance, Coordination) or your child is seasoned player who needs more technical development, the ANTS Academy and Camps are for your child!  We always focus on practice, play and FUN!