Albuquerque ANTS 6 & Under Registration (Red Ball)


Albuquerque ANTS 6 & Under Registration (Red Ball)

from 117.00

ANTS Youth Team Tennis in your neighborhood. Time for some fun! 

Focused on FUNdamentals, and learning how to play the game of tennis. Agility, Balance, and Coordination of the athlete is developed in various fashions. 

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ANTS Tennis Leagues are great for all ages, abilities, motives, and kids! Our leagues allow you to practice in a team environment, while still developing your individual skill. It is a win-win situation.  You will get 1 practice per week and 1 match over the weekend.   Matches are great for any ability. On Match Days, each child is matched against somebody else with similar ability. Players are ranked 1-8 on their team and matched against their respective place when competing against the other team. (Often children also get to play someone 1-2 spots ahead or 1-2 spots below). It is a great combination that allows children to play someone the same, above, or below them. Oh yeah, also it is 100% inclusive! Your child gets to play the whole time! No standing on the sidelines waiting to sub!

Leagues are also taught by volunteer coaches who have all been through an ANTS training that teaches them everything from management, technique, tactic, and strategy.   

If you are interested-- get a team organized! We need 6 kids per team, 1 head coach and 1 assistant!