ANTS Kids Club - Seacliff

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ANTS Kids Club - Seacliff

from 190.00

Time to get your tennis on!

ANTS will focus on having an encouraging team environment practice that will foster positive coaching, learning, and fun live-ball play scenarios.

The children will learn everything from technique to tactics, mental to physical, and strategy to fun!  We will incorporate tennis specific drills, as well as all-around athletic development drill. We will isolate comparable strengths and weaknesses within the kids to create a small group dynamic within a larger team setting, while still emphasizing working together as a team.

Children will work and progress with kids their same ability, as well as above and below. We will encourage working together to help improve as an individual as well as an entire group. 

To the courts!

** The appropriately sized racquet makes a difference in both the enjoyment your child will endure, and proper development of tennis technique, during the class .

If you need a racquet, you can purchase one through ANTS Tennis for an additional $25.00 + tax.

Schedule and Times

Start Date: October 20th

Tuesdays - 4:30-5:30pm

Duration: 6 Weeks

Location: 31st Ave between Clement and California

Would You Like A Racquet?: