Affiliation:  Let's Make Tennis America's Largest Youth Sport. 

ANTS Tennis believes in using a methodology of teaching tennis that engages the child in a whole new way.  We believe in creating an atmosphere for the child that is conducive to learning through fun and involvement and not through traditional means of drilling.  By enabling children to play the game of tennis through the ANTS Tennis Practice and Play Philosophy, children are falling in love with the game like never before. 

We focus on teaching the sport of tennis similar to methods used with other popular youth sports such as: soccer and basketball.  

Our goal is to grow tennis into the largest youth sport in the United States.  Join us as we take the dying sport of youth tennis and transform it to the funnest, largest youth sport on the planet!

Affiliate with ANTS Tennis

ANTS’ humble beginnings began as a small youth tennis league in Albuquerque, NM.  Now ANTS is growing rapidly and expanding to cities across the United States.  We strive to provide tennis to more children by getting more racquets into as many hands as possible.  

ANTS Tennis affiliates are teaching in parks, school yards, camps, gymnasiums and clubs.  Any space can be turned into an ANTS Tennis court for children.  

In order to reach our goal of allowing all children to access the sport of tennis, ANTS enables individuals like yourself to start ANTS Tennis in their neighborhood and cities.  We strive to empower individuals to start their own affiliate program by providing them with:

  • 1 day business training

    • As important as "on-court" Coaching, is your ability to understand the numbers and business aspects of ANTS Tennis.  As an ANTS Affiliate you will receive a business training that will teach you everything from growing your program registrants to creating several revenue streams. 

  • 1 day on court ANTS Coach Certification
    • We coach with PASSION.  We believe in developing children into tennis players while maintaining the fun of the sport.  ANTS Certified Coaches share this passion and they deliver it to the children every time they step on the court. 

Requirements to Become an Affiliate

  • All affiliates must be an ANTS Certified Coach (included in affiliate program training)

  • Once you are accepted as an affiliate, you will need to have a live website before we will be able to link you on the ANTS Tennis website. This is our primary vehicle for promoting you and your programs; therefore, we expect you maintain a professional site. Please DO NOT register a domain with the ANTS Tennis name in it until AFTER you have been accepted.  ANTS Tennis is a licensed trademark and its use without our prior permission is illegal.

  • Cost to become an Affiliate

    • 2 Day In-Person Business Training and Coach Certification - $1,000

    • Upon Acceptance.  Annual Affiliation Fee - $3,000

      • Included: ANTS Tennis Curriculum, ANTS Tennis Start Up Kit (Nets, lines, balls, shirts, and instructional materials)

  • Questions?  Please consult the Affiliate FAQs

Advantages of becoming an ANTS Tennis Affiliate

  • Become part of a nationally recognized brand

  • Own your own business and make your hours

  • Existing Tennis professionals and clubs benefit by 1) Gaining and retaining new clients.  2) Growing their youth tennis programs.

  • Build your local tennis community

  • Become an ANTS Certified Coach

  • Receive ANTS Tennis business and program development focused on retention strategies and revenue growth.

Affiliate Application

Interested?  Please fill out the following application as completely as possible.  Your proposed ANTS Tennis Affiliate name should include "ANTS Tennis".  Questions? Please consult the Affiliate FAQs.

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