ANTS @ School

Make It Yours

ANTS Tennis is proud to be growing the game of tennis while also enabling tennis entrepreneurs to grow their own ANTS @ School establishments.  Our ANTS @ School Business Plan can enable the right person to become both the General Manager and Coach of their own ANTS establishment. If one were to put 15 hours in per week, in correlation to Elementary School seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring), one could potentially earn up to $50,000/yr.  Also, we teach you how to take advantage of the summer and pack in your revenue to almost double what you can potentially make.

A typical ANTS @ School program schedule correlates with the Elementary Schools Schedules, meaning: You get to add a substantial amount to your income through ANTS Tennis Camps.

This is a chance to own your own thing. Have the flexibility to grow your reputation and don't stop growing due to the lack of more clients, space, or availability at the club. No longer rely on the hourly salary and hourly clients. Establish your own thing, and grow your hourly worth and potential.

If it sounds like you, please fill out the following application: