Become An ANTS Tennis Coach!

Thank you for your interest in becoming and ANTS Tennis coach.  This is your opportunity to grow the sport of tennis, have a positive impact on a child's life, and have a great time doing it! 

There are four levels of ANTS Tennis coaches:

1.  ANTS School(s) and Program(s) Coaches, Directors, & Coordinators - Best for individuals looking to work 2 to 8 hours a week coaching a local school's ANTS Tennis team or neighborhood ANTS Tennis program and/or playing a bigger role by becoming a director or coordinator.

2.  ANTS Connect (Private, Semi-Private, Group Lessons Coach) - A way to grow your personal business by becoming an "ANTS Connect Coach". We connect you to people in your community that are looking for lessons. This gives you a legs up because we are already embedded in your community and are respected as a competent tennis company.

3.  Volunteer ANTS Tennis Coach - A great opportunity for those who are interested in helping grow the ANTS Tennis method of teaching and the sport of tennis!

Affiliate Program - Start your own ANTS Tennis Company

ANTS Tennis Affiliate Program - Want to grow tennis in your community, make your own schedule, control your income growth potential, and contribute to the growth of ANTS Tennis?  Then the Affiliate program is for you!  Affiliates are very involved in the day to day operations of the ANTS Tennis programs.  

ANTS Coach Training

Most important to the organization and the kids are the ANTS coaches!  

ANTS has designed a Coaches Training Program that makes it entertaining for anyone. Our program easily translates tennis into one comprehensible message. You will learn the game of ANTS Tennis, the teaching/coaching philosophies behind it, and the practice/play formulas that are important for fostering positive learning, practicing, and competing environments!

Through the ANTS training program you will learn everything from technical to tactical strategies, management and supportive roles, all the way to healthy habits/character counts curriculums.  We utilize many tools to help train, and retrain coaches on new ways, ideas, and specifics to have a positive impact on America’s youth!

ANTS utilizes our “Coaches Corner” which helps bring every aspect together into one area. In your coaches corner you are able to utilize:

  • Online video training resources
  • Coach Manuals
  • Teacher Roles
  • Character Counts Initiatives
  • Healthy Habits Curriculums
  • Continue to help coaches be stay up-to-date to help advance current skills

ANTS Tennis ensures it’s all about what’s good for kids. ANTS' main goal is to keep kids healthy and playing a sport they can enjoy for their entire life.




Coach Director