ANTS Tennis Dublin / Pleasanton


After-School Programs 

Enroll you child to play ANTS Tennis right at school!  With ANTS Tennis After-School programs, we make tennis accessible to children right at school!  No need to have existing tennis courts, we bring everything to your child's school yard!  Would you like to bring ANTS to your child's school? Click Here! 


Our Camps focus on the tennis specific development of your child.  Whether your child is a beginner and needs guidance in the ABC's (Ability, Balance, Coordination) or your child is seasoned player who needs more technical development, the ANTS Camp is for your child!  We always focus on practice, play and FUN!

Neighborhood ANTS Tennis Kids Club

If you are interested in having your child learn the basics of tennis or advanced technique, ANTS Tennis Kids Clubs are for you and your child!  ANTS Tennis Kids Clubs provide you, your child and your child's friends with ANTS Tennis in your neighborhood. We work with you to coordinate possible locations!  Coaches provide team practice (7 or more) or small group lessons (4 to 6).  It's fun and convenient!  

You organize the group of children, and we provide the coach!