Scholarship: Glenview School
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ANTS Tennis is now available to parents and children at Glenview School!  Join in on the fun of playing tennis at school with classmates and friends!  ANTS brings everything to your school*, and has a program that is ready to teach children the skills they need to have fun and play tennis!

*ANTS brings equipment (Nets, Lines, Balls, Teaching Tools, Coach, Etc.) to set up courts on the blacktop space at school!

Registration Includes: 

  • ANTS size Nets and Courts.  ANTS courts are smaller and age appropriate!
  • ANTS Tennis Balls.  We utilize larger foam balls that bounce and travel slower, making it possible for your child to play REAL tennis! 
  • ANTS Trained and Qualified Coach.  ANTS coaches focus on your child being safe and having FUN first! Second, ANTS coaches focus on having your child play tennis! 

ANTS Racquets:

  • All children registering for ANTS Tennis are required to have an age-appropriate size racquet.  If your child does not have an age-appropriate size racquet, simply respond "yes my child needs a racquet" during registration and we'll provide your child with a racquet that fits him/her! 
  • ANTS age-appropriate racquets cost $25 + tax. 


Spring 2016

Does your child need a racquet?: