Lawton Basketball


Lawton Basketball


Join in on the fun of playing basketball at school with classmates and friends!  ANTS brings everything to your school, and is ready for children to have fun and play basketball!

Registration Includes: 

  • ANTS Size Balls, Hoops and Courts.  ANTS courts are smaller and age appropriate!
  • ANTS Basketballs.  We utilize balls that are size appropriate for your child.  
  • ANTS Trained and Qualified Coach.  ANTS coaches focus on your child being safe and having FUN first! Second, ANTS coaches focus on having your child play basketball!

ELEMENTARY: Dates / Times:  Spring 2017 Season 

K-2nd on Mondays (3:45-4:45pm) 

March 13th - May 15th 

3rd-5th on Fridays (3:45-4:45pm)  

March 17th - May 19th

NO CLASS - Spring Break Week of March 27th



Meet your ANTS Basketball Coach

Mathew Dulay:

In the 2015-2016 school year I got the opportunity to be the assistant coach of the Lawton middle school boys basketball team. This was my first time coaching a team sport, and I learned a lot about myself as a teacher/coach and had a ton of fun in the process! 

I look forward to bringing an elementary after school basketball program to Lawton so that we can begin developing the fundamentals and basketball skills for our younger students. I am also looking forward to sharing the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship with our school community.  

This year is my 5th year as a career educator.  I spent two years as a 4th grade teacher, and am currently the middle school Technology & Computer Science teacher.