Scholarship: New Traditions School

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Scholarship: New Traditions School

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Join in on the fun of playing tennis at school with classmates and friends!  ANTS brings everything to your school*, and has a program that is ready to teach children the skills they need to have fun and play tennis!

*ANTS brings equipment (Nets, Lines, Balls, Teaching Tools, Coach, Etc.) to set up courts on the blacktop space at school!

Registration Includes: 

  • ANTS size Nets and Courts.  ANTS courts are smaller and age appropriate!
  • ANTS Tennis Balls.  We utilize larger foam balls that bounce and travel slower, making it possible for your child to play REAL tennis! 
  • ANTS Trained and Qualified Coach.  ANTS coaches focus on your child being safe and having FUN first! Second, ANTS coaches focus on having your child play tennis! 

ANTS Racquets:

  • All children registering for ANTS Tennis are required to have an age-appropriate size racquet.  If your child does not have an age-appropriate size racquet, simply respond "yes my child needs a racquet" during registration and we'll provide your child with a racquet that fits him/her! 
  • ANTS age-appropriate racquets cost $25 + tax. 


Does your child need a racquet?: