About America's Next Tennis Stars (ANTS)

ANTS Tennis is a revolutionary tennis organization that is focusing on bringing progressive coaching in the form of leagues, camps, after school programs, and academies to cities across the nation.

We strive to make sure that more children have the opportunity to access tennis, and learn a sport that can last a lifetime.  We focus on healthy youth development that teaches life-long skills that last both on and off the tennis court.  All of our coaches are ANTS certified and FUN certified!! Our missions and goals are to have children fall in the love with sport teach them the proper fundamentals that will set them on the right track, and to keep progressing them though our pathway to becoming a tennis player.

With our very own 'most touches possible partner work' philosophy we get away from forming lines and the boring traditional styles of managing kids on the court. By utilizing our modified equipment we are able to focus on all-inclusive methods that are meant to develop the agility, balance, and coordination (ABC's) of the athlete. After the fun we develop the FUNdamentals of the tennis game to further develop the child's love of the game. Only after a passion has been grown and the fundamentals learned can you hope to succeed. ANTS aims to foster both and help create an experience of a lifetime!

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Click to play the ANTS video!

Click to play the ANTS video!

Click To See Kids Playing With Modified Equipment

Click To See Kids Playing With Modified Equipment

We at ANTS believe in the following basic principles in all of our programs.

Team Structure - Teams are formed with a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 12 players so each child will play And no one sits out. Players attend weekly practices with a coach trained in the new ANTS Tennis philosophy. 

Participation – With ANTS Tennis there are no tryouts to select the most skilled players. We do not cut players from the team and we work hard to ensure every child who registers is assigned to a team. Our tennis programs are  all inclusive and we offer participation opportunities regardless of race, gender, religious creed, or ability.

Safety First – ANTS Tennis is designed to ensure the safety of children. ANTS utilizes age-appropriate, modified tennis equipment such as smaller nets, racquets, and low compression balls for each age group to match the physical demands of the game to the child’s developmental levels. Children participate in a team environment that is supervised and unsafe behavior will not be tolerated.

Family Involvement – Building strong children is centered in the home, and parents and caretakers are the primary players. We encourage parents to be actively and positively involved in their child’s participation in their team by:

  • Attending practices, matches, and special events
  • Being a positive role model
  • Showing a genuine interest in, and support for, their children
  • Volunteering as coaches, scorekeepers, snack organizers, etc.

Fair Play – We believe that fair play is more than playing by the rules. It’s about showing respect for everyone involved, and becoming positive role models of good sportsmanship and build character that will last a lifetime.

Positive Competition – Striving to win is essential to building character, but winning itself is far from everything. Winning is not the primary emphasis. Instead, emphasis is placed on sportsmanship, team-play, and building strong interpersonal relationships. We believe that competition is a positive process when winning is kept in the right perspective. Learning to compete is important for children, and an essential lesson in life.

Play For Fun – Most children naturally enjoy sports. They love the challenge of mastering the skills of the game, playing with their friends, and competing with their peers. ANTS Tennis Leagues are designed so that kids have fun and develop a love for tennis. The rules of the game are modified for each age group to make tennis more enjoyable for every participant.

Giving Back  -- We understand that many children are not able to play ANTS tennis due to financial hardship, that's why we have established ANTS ANTENNA.  When registering for ANTS Tennis, you have the option to provide your child with their own racquet, parents that do this are also giving a racquet to a child in need.  For every racquet that is not requested by children that already have one, ANTS gives a racquet to a child that can not afford to buy one.  Together we can help spread the fun of tennis! 

Volunteers – ANTS Tennis League’s daily operations rely heavily on the contributions of volunteers. Without these dedicated individuals, ANTS could not accomplish its mission to give all children an opportunity to participate in the great sport of tennis.

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