Become A Volunteer ANTS Tennis Coach!

Most important to the organization and the kids are the ANTS coaches!  

ANTS has designed a Coaches Training Program that makes it entertaining for anyone. Our program easily translates tennis into one comprehensible message. You will learn the game of ANTS Tennis, the teaching/coaching philosophies behind it, and the practice/play formulas that are important for fostering positive learning, practicing, and competing environments!

Through the ANTS training program you will learn everything from technical to tactical strategies, management and supportive roles, all the way to healthy habits/character counts curriculums.  We utilize many tools to help train, and retrain coaches on new ways, ideas, and specifics to have a positive impact on America’s youth!

ANTS utilizes our “Coaches Corner” which helps bring every aspect together into one area. In your coaches corner you are able to utilize:

  • Online video training resources
  • Coach Manuals
  • Teacher Roles
  • Character Counts Initiatives
  • Healthy Habits Curriculums
  • Continue to help coaches be stay up-to-date to help advance current skills

ANTS Tennis ensures it’s all about what’s good for kids. ANTS' main goal is to keep kids healthy and playing a sport they can enjoy for their entire life.

Interested?  Start by clicking below and filling out our online application!

Interested in becoming the volunteer coach for your child's team? Please click below.

Coaches Corner - Login

Coaches Corner - Login